Where to eat in Tenerife

Tomás House

Bodegón Casa Tomás is a modest place with a great tradition of local and Mediterranean cuisine, located in the north of Tenerife. Founded in 1997 as a family business, it is a place with a good quality and price ratio. We recommend their star dish which is the ribs with potatoes, green mojo and pineapple, the escaldón as a starter and the papas arrugadas. We assure you that you will not regret it! However, you should go early as it is usually full, this restaurant is traditional and therefore is usually attended by the people of Tenerife.

The average price per person: 15€

El Rincón de Juan Carlos

This fabulous restaurant is located in Los Gigantes, founded in 2003 by the Padrón Brothers, has a Michelin Star and it is no wonder that the dishes stand out for their innovation and creativity. We recommend you the house specialty, simply exquisite: lobster, white of lobster and sriracha, tuna Bordeaux style and raifort and for dessert Oreleys chocolate with mandarin ice cream and yuzu.

The average price per person: 90 €

Nub Restaurant

The Nub restaurant has a Michelin Star, this place stands out for its extraordinary gastronomic fusion between Italian, Chilean and Canarian food, it is a total immersion in a cuisine of indigenous flavors, Fernanda Cifuentes Chilean and Andrea Bernardi Italian founded in 2014 this magnificent restaurant, its star dish scallops with parmesan sauce and citrus caviar and for dessert fresh oranges, caramelized olives and pepper ice cream. A place where you will find flavour, fusion and of course originality.

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The average price per person 80 -120 €

Kazan Restaurant

If your thing is sushi, ramen and Japanese food in general, Kazan will surprise you, it is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Spain, with a style of unique oriental flavours that combine with a Spanish touch, the most outstanding dishes are: bull and Galician hedgehog usuzukuri, turbot in tempura and for dessert the four seasons of the apple. Kazan has the prestige of having a Michelin Star, this phenomenal restaurant offers you a unique culinary experience and a pleasure in every way.

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The average price per person: 45- 100 €


This spectacular restaurant has a Michelin Star and creates a special connection between Tenerife and Japan, it is a fusion of flavours and textures, its cuisine is a culinary art and the service is unbeatable, you will taste exquisite dishes, we recommend the star dishes which are: sashimi kabubi, wagyu ribs with teriyaki sauce and mochis tasting.

The average price per person: 70- 150 €

The Pandorga

This small restaurant will not let you down, it is located in the municipality of San Andrés, and stands out for the excellent quality of its food and service. It specializes in rice, fish and Spanish cuisine, do not miss the splash of prawns, fried moray eels, limpets and the typical wrinkled potatoes with mojo

The average price per person: 20 €

Grandmother's Caldron

It is a family restaurant that has been preserved over generations, currently led by brothers Mario and Fabian Torres, located in the charming village of Orotava, has positioned itself as one of the best restaurants in Tenerife, its traditional dishes are a delicacy, their proposal is based on recovering the grandmothers’ stews and you can see the soul of a traditional Canarian family cooking, they know how to prepare a delicious escaldón de gofio (a kind of bread pudding) scaled with meat broth, another classic is the fried piglet marinated in its chips and a traditional favourite is the rabbit in salmorejo.

The average price per person: 20 €

El Bodegón Campestre

The Bodegón is a classic of Tenerife, founded in 1971. It stands out for its typical Canarian cuisine and grilled meat with a very homely atmosphere and rustic decoration.
If you are a meat lover and El Bodegón is your best option, it is one of the best restaurants in Tenerife specialising in all types of meat: sirloin steak, rabbit, chicken, chop, lamb, steak, black pudding, sausage, chistorra and sausages.

The average price per person: 20 €

Arístides Restaurant

Simply spectacular, the best selection of seafood you will find in Aristides, located on the north coast of Tenerife, its specialty is the grilled fish and seafood, its fish in the very Canary style is served quite fresh and super well cooked. You also have the option of choosing a fantastic tasting menu of stewed fish Canarian style, smoked cod, false pumpkin ravioli, octopus with mojo and to finish with a sweet moment the fig trout and the sweet ages of goat cheese will delight you.

The average price per person: 10- 35 €

Guachinche Lito

Guachinche Lito is a real traditional guachinche and is a must for good and cheap food, the portions are very big and the roasts are made of heather wood, it offers a variety of typical dishes such as: sirloin steak, steak, fabada, croquettes, chips, goat meat, steak, roast chicken, broken eggs and you cannot miss the delight of the homemade tiramisu desserts and our favourite chocolate flan, its preparation is simple but the flavours are a real delicacy.

The average price per person: 10- 35 €


Etéreo is committed to traditional Canarian food with Latin fusion, and also advocates creative cuisine and new concepts. The renowned chef Pedro Nel Restrepo leads it and has managed to stand out in the Tripadvisor ranking and is considered one of the best restaurants in Tenerife. Sirloin carpaccios, Andean banana steaks with grilled octopus, scrambled chickpeas and meat empanadilla with sriracha sauce are some of the delicacies served in this fabulous restaurant.

The average price per person: 40 €

Pedro El Crusantero House

La Casa de Pedro is the typical Canary Island guachinche, with very traditional food and very cheap prices, it is a lifetime restaurant founded in 1973 and currently led by Domingo and Francisca Gonzales, the service is great, the staff is distinguished by its kindness, The menu includes pork ribs, stewed and fried fish, chistorra, puchero canario, skirt of a cow, potatoes, cabbage, chickpeas, sweet potato and to finish it off there is a three-colour cake, a cheese cake, a three-colour cake, a flan and a mocha cake. If you come to the island and want to eat delicious and very cheap, you can’t stop coming here.

The average price per person: 40

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